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Boom Beach Hack and Cheats 2019 – Generate Free Diamonds

This up and coming combat game for mobile devices is developed by one of the most popular mobile game developers, Supercell. Join the fight against Blackguard and the forces of evil. Undertake expeditions to different islands that were once havens of paradise, now tainted by evil. Fight for the freedom of the beachheads and free the islanders enslaved by enemy forces as you explore the whole archipelago. The one who discovers and exploits the island's mysterious powers can turn the tide of battle! Keep your base safe and secure from enemy forces by employing our fool-proof Boom Beach Hack.

Boom Beach Tips And Tricks For Beginners

You are a commander tasked with conquering neighboring islands in order to accumulate resources and at the same time, trying to free the islanders enslaved by Blackguard forces, the main antagonists of this game. You also need to keep your base ready for any raids that could happen at any point. Otherwise, your resources will be pillaged. You have to start off by building and upgrading the structures that produce necessary resources such as Wood, Stone, Iron, and Gold. After you have a steady stream of these resources flowing in, you can now use them construct defensive buildings like machine guns or cannons. Before you can improve your existing buildings, you need to improve the Headquarters first. This will make the upgrades of the rest of the buildings available. You will also have access to more types of units. If you think that waiting for your resources to accumulate is taking too long, you might be interested in trying out our Boom Beach Hack Tool that will give you as many resources as you want!

We also suggest that you build a Radar as soon as possible because this allows you to explore the surrounding archipelago at your leisure. You can now travel to the islands owned by other players and attack them to raid their resources. Place your army at designated landings on the coast and select which building you want to attack. Fire off shots from your Command Ship to help your troops with the attack.

Earn Battle Points By Attacking The Bases Of Other Players

Whenever you attack player-owned beaches, you accumulate Battle Points that can be used to activate your Gunboat Abilities. You can use these abilities to your advantage and turn the tide of battle. For example, you can use Artillery Shells to damage enemy buildings or fire Flares to help your soldiers maneuver through the land. The cost of abilities vary, and the more you use them in battle, the higher their price will go up. Try to destroy enemy structures to earn more Battle Points.

You "conquer" and enemy island only after you have destroyed all it's buildings or its Headquarters. And this will reward you with essential resources like wood, life shards, or coins. But take care because players can attack your base too. If you find yourself constantly losing to enemy attacks, try our Boom Beach Hack Apk to get you a ton of diamonds that can be used to improve your base. With our boom beach generator, you can get a ton of resources without the long wait or the tedious grind.

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Diamonds are your best friend

Diamonds are an in-game currency that can be used to speed up building times and buy large amounts of basic resources. Boom Beach has a set of achievements that can be accomplished for diamond rewards. You can also earn some by successfully fending off enemy attacks. They are also occasionally found through your map (they have a treasure chest icon). Collecting diamonds is a very slow process, though. If you want to speed things up a bit, you can exchange them for real money, or you can try out Boom Beach Hack Online and get them for free.

Other Useful Resources

Gold is a resource that is gained when you conquer neighboring islands, or you can create Residences that will regularly generate your gold. You can also free villages, and they will offer you gold to show their gratitude. With gold, you can recruit new troops and unlock new areas. Accumulating it is a very slow process though, so we recommend that you use our Boom Beach Cheats to get more of them in a short time.

The next resources you need to know about are Wood and Stone, both of which are necessary for building new structures and improving existing ones. You get wood by constructing a Sawmill, raiding enemy islands, or cutting trees. You can also buy them in exchange for diamonds. Stone, on the other hand, can be collected through Quarries. And like wood, you also get them through successful enemy raids or through diamonds.

Defending Against Enemy Raids

The best way to defending your own base is to imagine yourself raiding your defenses. What are the weak points, and how can you improve them? Whenever you go raiding yourself, try picking lower-level opponents first. While it certainly rewards you with fewer resources, a minor win is better than a loss, right? And if you think you can handle it, proceed to attack higher-level ones.

Your first raids can be a bit tough because you don't have flairs to direct your allies, but try to push through. In the beginning, you can only launch your troops or fire off shots from your artillery, but after a while, other options will be made available at your disposal. After you get flares, you can now mark a place to direct the movement of your soldiers, making it easier to plan your attacks accordingly.

You only get flares once the level of your headquarters is 3, so try to make that a priority. Try to keep your higher value troops at the back and preserve their life as much as you can because replacing them can take a long time. But with Boom Beach Hacks, you don't need to worry at all and just go full steam ahead with your attacks for a more enjoyable experience!